The Old Log Church museum is mandated to preserve objects related to the history of the Anglican Church in the Yukon. Below you will find answers to some of the questions you might have about donating an artifact to the Old Log Church Museum.

What kinds of objects does Old Log Church Museum collect?

The Old Log Church Museum collects material pertaining to the history of the Anglican church in the Yukon in accordance with our mission to foster the appreciation and pivotal role played by the church in the Yukon since 1861. 

The permanent collection of the OLCM has over 4500 objects which range from archival materials to ecclesiastical vestments and artifacts. The museum collects objects which illustrate Yukon church history. Objects should be well documented with a clear history of use and should be in good condition. 

How does the Old Log Church Museum determine what is collected?

The main criteria for determining if an object should be accepted into the collection are based on the object's history, its relevance to our mission statement and its condition. Other factors including size or greater significance to another institution may also be taken into consideration. The Old Log Church Museum has a written collections policy which we follow in determining whether or not to acquire an object.

The more you can tell us about the history of the item and how it relates to Yukon's church history, the better we are able to make a decision about the object.

How can I donate an artifact to the Old Log Church Museum?

Contact the Executive Director to make a donation. Although we appreciate all donation offers, not all are accepted. All donations are reviewed by the Collections Committee and subject to acquisition criteria before they are accepted. 

When you bring in your object(s) for donation you will be asked to fill out a Temporary Deposit Receipt allowing the museum to hold onto your donation while awaiting review by the Collections Committee. At this time you will also be asked to complete a Donor Interview to help us gather as much information about the object as possible. This is your chance to tell us everything you know about the object and helps us determine if the object is a suitable addition to our collection.

What happens to my donation if it is accepted?

If the Collections Committee accepts your donation into the collection, you will receive a Gift Agreement form which you must sign and return to the museum. This transfers ownership and responsibility for the object to the Old Log Church Museum. Once the museum has received the signed gift agreement, the object(s) will be officially added to our collection ensuring that future generations can view and learn from it.

What happens if my donation is not accepted?

If your object does not meet our acquisition criteria, we will contact you to make arrangements to pick it up.

What happens if I don’t wish to fill out forms?

The museum cannot accept objects which do not have proper documentation or are not offered by the legal owner. In addition, much of the value of objects lies in their history, and this is often something we can only learn from the donor.

When objects are left at the museum with no documentation we will make every effort to locate the donor. The museum accepts no responsibility for objects which are dropped off at the museum with no documentation and these will be disposed of after 60 days.

What happens if I decide that I would like my object(s) back in a few years?

When you sign the Gift Agreement form, objects become the legal property of the Old Log Church Museum. The museum cannot legally return a donation to the donor so please take careful consideration before making any donations.

Will my donation be exhibited?

We cannot guarantee that your items will be exhibited as only a very small percentage of the Museum’s collection is on exhibit at any given time. Items are selected for display based on their relevance to the exhibit story, the appearance of the object and its ability to withstand exhibit conditions. Items not currently suitable for display are stored in a dedicated storage space which is secure and monitored regularly, and are used behind the scenes by staff and researchers. Although we cannot guarantee that your donation will be exhibited, it will receive a high level of care to ensure that it will be preserved for future generations to view or study.

What if I have donated something to the museum in the past and want to know what happened to it? Or, if my item is not on display, how can I view it?

We would be happy to provide an update on any object in our collection. Please contact the Executive Director to arrange an appointment. Try to be as detailed as you can about the objects you donated including the time frame, any accession numbers or forms you were given with your donation. 


For more information about making a donation contact:

Old Log Church Museum
Phone: (867) 668-2555

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