When Yukon’s first Anglican Bishop, William Bompas, considered the brand new and growing frontier town of White Horse, he saw that something was missing.  So he asked the Reverend Richard Bowen to do something about it. In 1900, the good Reverand supplied the missing place of worship by having a log church and rectory built. Bompas and Bowen are long gone but the Old Log Church is still with us today, one of the oldest buildings in Whitehorse on its original site. 

Over the years, this quaint log structure has served as the center of worship in Whitehorse and as a social gathering place for community members and visitors alike.

In the 1940’s, it provided a place of worship for the army personnel who were stationed here while building the Alaska Highway. 

In 1953 it became the diocesan cathedral.

In 1960, it ceased being the cathedral when the new building, which shares the grounds, was opened. 

In 1962, the Old Log Church became a museum.

In the 1980’s, it was also known as St. Simons and attended by a First Nations congregation.

In 1982, the Yukon Church Heritage Society was formed to restore and preserve the building and operate the Old Log Church Museum.

In 2014 the Old Log Church and Rectory were officially designated as a historic site. The site is now legally designated under the territorial Historic Resources Act. In that year, the City of Whitehorse also designated the Old Log Church and Rectory as Municipal Historic Sites.

The Old Log Church is a place of heart, soul and passion. Here you will uncover fascinating stories and hidden treasures of Yukon’s early pioneers and missionaries.

In this place, you will discover the passion, conviction and determination of the men and women who helped shape Yukon’s history.

Our Mission is to foster appreciation and understanding of the pivotal role played by the church in the Yukon since 1861.

Our vision is of the Old Log Church Museum as a unique entity, a gateway to understanding the historical relationship between the Church and people of the Yukon.

The Yukon Church Heritage Society Mandate is to govern and operate the Old Log Church Museum. The Society exists to collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit historical material of the church in the Yukon through museums, historical buildings and display situations.
The Society also provides literature and information regarding the collections.